Why do I write? Here are four reasons…

The “why?” question is always the tricky one. This was the Bloganuary prompt though, and I will do my best with it.

Reason Number One: As most writers will say, I write mostly for myself. As I noted in my previous Bloganuary post, writing brings me joy. I am not always happy with my writing, but when it is finished, there is a feeling of accomplishment. Whether anyone reads it or not is quite immaterial, I tell myself. This is actually how I started to write my blog – all of twelve years ago. I wanted to practice my writing, and I wanted to see how it looked in a blog format. It was a terrible struggle at first, as WordPress was certainly not as user-friendly as it is now! But once I got started and had things in place, I became almost spiritually attached to my keyboard and my beloved iMac. Yes, a machine – not a notepad – gets me started. A blank screen.

Reason Number Two: OK. Scratch that sentence in Reason Number One. I actually do want people to read my writing. I write to get a message across. I have some kind of mission, and I am unashamedly an advocate for the environment, biodiversity, birds, climate justice, human rights, and more. So when I put on the advocacy hat, I go into it full steam ahead. And I do wear the advocacy hat quite often. It spills over into my social media, and that is where you can also find my writing. I am on Twitter a great deal (@petchary). I am on Facebook, much less. I am on Instagram even less often. I play around with Tumblr. And I am considering posting my fiction on a platform named SubStack, which seems to be a blogging platform like this one.

Reason Number Three: I just love words. I am a linguist by training, and so words – their origin, how they sound, how they are used – always fascinate me. Even the way they look on the page! During my langurage studies (French, German, Latin, and Japanese) I enjoyed my vocabulary lists most of all. There is enormous subtlety and complexity, for example, in Japanese colour words – all the shades.

Reason Number Four: If I don’t write, I get very miserable – grumpy, even. It’s simple as that! So, to keep me in a good mood, my dear, long-suffering husband knows he must allow me some keyboard time…

So, I am writing. And writing. And writing. Try stopping me!

My keyboard is the only way for me. Which reminds me, I need to charge it up!

5 thoughts on “Why do I write? Here are four reasons…

  1. Hi Petchary, Who was it who said, “I don’t like writing. I like having written”? I’m so glad you do write. Your words help give me a greater perspective on the Isle of Springs, which I have been drawn to for 50 years now, since I discovered Marley and “The Harder They Come.” As you’ve probably heard, Jo Bogdanovich has bought my ever-growing Reggae Archives and plans, once the damn gummint there gets off their butt and sells him the land in MoBay, to build a museum to house everything there and share it with the whole country/world.  I have a strong feeling I’ll be coming to Yard this year and I would like very much to meet you and offer my admiration in person. You mention you occasionally view instagram. My kids started a site there for me in 2014 to showcase some 50 years of my slide/film photography – Vietnam, JA, Europe, Morocco, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and various parts of the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. There are stories with each picture that daughter Kate writes – she’s the webmaster: instagram.com/thefamilyacid and you might get a kick of some of the stuff up there. Don’t know if I’ve sent you my Jamaica book, published by the Rock House in Negril, so I’ll attached it here, along with captions in a separate folder. My Marley Oral History book, “So Much Things to Say,” has now become the first Marley book ever in Chinese (see attached). I have no idea how they translated patois into Mandarin.  Take good care of yourself and please stay safe in these troublous times. One Love and ‘Nuff ResPect,Roger


    1. Dear Roger: It is so great to hear from you, and thank you for your kind words! That’s a great quote! YES – I did hear that you have sold your archives and my first thought was: “I really hope they are in safe hands!” The idea of the museum is wonderful, and I hope it comes to fruition. Having said that I am extremely biased towards Kingston, the true home of reggae music! I had always dreamed about a Reggae Hall of Fame on the waterfront, similar to the one I visited in Cleveland years ago. But you know, whatever works! I do hope he gets the land soon – MoBay has lots of land! How beautiful to hear about your family’s Instagram page. I must take a look and subscribe, and tell my brother (who lives in Australia, and who first introduced me to reggae!) Thank you for sharing details of the book with me. I have not been to the Rock House actually. Congratulations on your Chinese book! 🙂 That is so nice. PS If you are coming over PLEASE let me know and I would LOVE to meet up with you! You stay safe also – the times are indeed troublous. Warmest wishes!


  2. Thanks for your open and honest treatment of WHY YOU WRITE. I admire your writing and try to emulate where applicable in my creative writing. I first read your interview with Barbara Blake Hannah, my friend. Love and blessings 🙏


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