The 5K Experience

It was an unusual morning in the Lewis household. Just as the birds were stirring, we were blundering around the house, eyes blurry, trying to sip tea and put on socks. The dogs seemed to be raising their eyebrows at us, in a doggie kind of way, as we threw ourselves into the car. “What on … More The 5K Experience

The God of Second Chances: Voices for Jamaica Today Foundation Supports Inner City Youth

The street is lined with the razor-wired walls of factories and warehouses, downtown. Not far away, two long-necked cranes on the wharf lean into the sun. Trucks rumble down the road. I arrive at a heavily secured gate. The setting is a little forbidding. But the gate is shaded by a mango tree, and the … More The God of Second Chances: Voices for Jamaica Today Foundation Supports Inner City Youth

World Press Freedom Day: No Cause for Celebration

World Press Freedom Day, May 3, never really strikes me as a “celebration.” In fact, every year it appears less and less so. Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law is this year’s UNESCO theme. It seems appropriate. The catalogue of persecution, oppression, harassment, murder and imprisonment does not cover the past … More World Press Freedom Day: No Cause for Celebration

Soon Come!

My apologies, dear readers, for neglecting this space in the last week or two. Events have overtaken me! However, I have been busy writing elsewhere. You can find me on the Gleaner’s blog pages here under Social Impact – where recently I have been writing about environmental issues in the Caribbean, and whether we are … More Soon Come!


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“We are immortal until our work on earth is done.” George Whitefield April 16 marks the second anniversary of the 7.8 earthquake which devastated a section of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast. Many will go through this day in somber recollection of how that day altered their lives and the…

The JCF and Accountability: A Policeman Speaks Out; and Three Opportunities For Change

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Listen to Nationwide News Network’s special report “Hidden Culture”. It is narrated by Nationwide’s Marjorie Gordon and centres on an interview with a serving member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). It is a chilling account of the ways in which extrajudicial killings are carried out and…