Fiberactive Germination: Rich textile art by nine Jamaican women

Tucked away in a rather unprepossessing small business plaza at 2 Windsor Avenue in Kingston, you will find a small gallery named CreativSpace. As you open the door, the deep blood red of Kadeen Williams’ womb-shaped “Feritility” hanging on the bright, white walls will immediately catch your eye.

Kadeen Williams, “Fertility” (2019). Williams is a young mother; this is part of her “Femininity” series.

Now, if this gets you going right away, you might like to know that Williams will be conducting a workshop this coming Saturday for mothers and children of all ages (no matter the age and the type of relationship). The aim is to partner together and create a tapestry as part of a social bonding process. Parents may also attend the workshop alone and create something for their children and vice versa. Details are below. Note – several other artists are conducting workshops during the exhibition

As we walked round the space, we were struck by the rich textures and colors – earthy browns and ocher, thick swathes of wool and tight leaf-like clusters. Here are two more of the pieces:

Kadeen Williams, “Life Source,” 2021 (one angle) Kereina Chang Fatt, “Gathering,” 2021

Works by textile artist extraordinaire Margaret Stanley are, in a way, more muted and less lavish. Emotions that inspire her have changed, since her husband, artist Mike died at Christmas 2019. Here they are. As you can see, there is fire and water, and a lot of sadness.

Left: “2021, 2021” Center: “The World is on Fire” Right: “Floating” 2021 (Mixed Media/Textile, Batik, Printing and Embroidery on Cotton)

CreativSpace is open Mondays to Fridays, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is at 2 Windsor Avenue, on the corner of Old Hope Road, Kingston. Special tours with the curators/artists are also available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact BLAQMANGO CONSULTANTS for more details. WhatsApp: (876) 264-8872Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @blaqmango

This is just a taste; there is more to explore. We suggest that you give your senses a treat, and go along to have a look for yourself. The exhibit runs until November 27.

Katrina Coombs’ marvelous work, all to do with veils.

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