Tango Dancing

“It’s very easy for a woman. So yeah, the hard part of tango is being a man.” via Tango Dancing 101 With Sofia Sanchez de Betak — WWD So here’s a splash of colour for today. There’s something about this photograph that I love: The way the woman is looking directly at the camera, I think. … More Tango Dancing

A Butterfly Returns

September is coming to an end, with loud thunder and no hurricanes. The yearned-for rains have arrived, and there is a slow drip from the trees. The long, thirsty drought is over, and now it even rains when the sun is shining. Jamaicans call that “the devil and his wife fighting.” It’s the time of … More A Butterfly Returns

She Did Not Die in Vain… The Story of Machi the Whimbrel

Dear readers: What is a Whimbrel, you may ask? A Whimbrel is a large, graceful wading bird, similar to a curlew, with a haunting cry, long legs and a long slender beak that curves downwards. It migrates great distances (as you can see below) from the Arctic down to South America, and through the Caribbean. … More She Did Not Die in Vain… The Story of Machi the Whimbrel


The Petchary just learned that Belize has created a sanctuary for jaguars.  It has a wonderful but slightly cumbersome name: the Labouring Creek Jaguar Corridor Wildlife Sanctuary.  It is not a vast acreage, but the important part is the word “corridor.”  Rather than have the gleaming, magnificent animals languish in small and ever-diminishing pockets of … More Jaguar