Island Innovation Awards are about climate action, leadership, and sustainability. Apply now!

Do you know a person or organization on your island (or another island) who is making a difference in the field of sustainable development and climate action? Or do you consider yourself a leader in this area? Do you know a fantastic sustainable energy project, or company that is doing great things? Then why not nominate them for an Island Innovation Award!

The Island Innovation Awards are all about change – real change, and the people who are driving it, on islands across the globe. The deadline for applications and nominations (you can either apply yourself or nominate a person or organization) is February 15th and the virtual awards ceremony will be held in March.

In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, the Island Innovation Awards will recognize individuals, organizations and projects driving positive change for remote and island communities globally. There are 12 award categories, as follows:

  • Future Island Leader Award
  • Resilient Island Award
  • Sustainable Company of the Year
  • Women SDG Leadership Award
  • Island Innovator Award
  • Sustainable Energy Initiative of the Year
  • COVID-19 Response Award
  • Blue Economy Initiative Award
  • Most Transformational Government Sustainability Initiative of the Year
  • Green Finance and Investment Award
  • Innovative Island Research Award

The Island Innovation Team will also present an Award to the Most Impactful Island Innovation Ambassador (this is not open to nomination).

You can find out all the details about the categories, the esteemed and expert jury, and access the application/nomination forms by clicking here:

By the way, Island Innovation will also submit nominations for the Earthshot Prize, which was launched by Prince William and The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in October, 2020. You can find the five 2021 winners of this prize – the first set – on their website. I love that the Republic of Costa Rica won the Protect and Restore Nature Prize . Honestly, I would love to see more conservation organizations and individuals winning environmental prizes.

Island Innovation, founded and led by an amiable Englishman, James Ellsmoor (a self-confessed “digital nomad”), is a vibrant organization that brings together islanders globally at its annual Virtual Island Summit. That started before COVID-19 appeared and everyone was scrambling to “go virtual.” It has created “digital bridges” among people working towards sustainable goals that will transform their islands’ economies while nurturing and protecting their environment and building resilience against climate change. In fact, innovation and leadership is at the core of the organization’s work: the way it works (using the latest technology) and its approach to ideas, the people that generate them, and those that implement them. James has assembled a very bright and diverse young team. II does consultancy, coaching, public speaking, research and reporting, and more. Take a look at their website.

Also, do tune in to Island Innovation on their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). Their posts share all kinds of information and insights and provide opportunities to islanders (and others) on sustainable solutions, opportunities for collaboration, and more.

Basically, however, it’s all about the islands. Nominate someone (or yourself) today!

 Blue-footed Boobies, seabirds native to subtropical and tropical regions of the eastern Pacific Ocean. (A screenshot from the Virtual Island Summit 2021)

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