Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

I had the impression that we were supposed to depict beloved objects, here. However, the word “beloved” conjures up love among us human beings… What the world needs more of, as that lovely old Burt Bacharach song goes. So I went in that direction. I don’t usually post family photos, but there are one or two in here…


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

  1. Hey there. I like what you are doing here with your blog. Beautiful book reviews and updates about current events here in Jamaica by someone who is actually living here,excellent! The pictures are real and true, which makes them even more beautiful. I am new to WordPress and an upcoming author from UWI WJC who is not studying anything related to Literature but still a lover. I would appreciate your support by liking and sharing my blog. Comments are even more appreciated ——–> https://chroniclesofawestindian.wordpress.com/


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, dear reader! I try to include as many of my own photos as possible… Really glad to hear that you are on WordPress. I am sure you will enjoy being part of the community. I do love it, myself! I will definitely like and share your blog. Oh, and comment. It’s always so great to get comments, I know! Also, did you know that we WordPressers in Kingston are having our first link-up, organised by techie person Bianca Welds, next week? If you are interested I will send you details. Thanks again for your nice words!

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