“Beam me up, Scotty!”

These words were uttered by the crew members of the good ship Enterprise in the early days of Star Trek, whenever they got “itchy feet” and had to be off somewhere. Scotty was the space ship’s chief engineer, who could always pull something out of the hat when the situation got a little dire. He was a bit of a whizz, and could fix any problem. The Enterprise would have crashed in the very first episode, if it weren’t for him.

The intrepid Scotty was played by the late James Doohan. I learned recently that after the actor passed away, some of his ashes were somehow smuggled onto the International Space Station, and have been there ever since. Another part of him has also taken off on Space X Falcon 9 and he has now orbited the Earth thousands of times!

Anyway, in the series you could just ask the somewhat eccentric and always deeply earnest Scotty to beam you up, if you had to be somewhere else. You stood in a “teleporter.” It went all fuzzy and then you gradually faded out, and stepped out on another planet, or wherever else you wanted to be.

Getting beamed up on Star Trek.

It seemed to be an almost instantaneous movement from A to B, with no discomfort. No baggage. No tickets. No little suitcases on wheels dragging behind you. No hateful takeoffs and landings. Just smooth and easy.

My response to the recent Bloganuary prompt is, therefore:

The superpower that I would like to have would be my own personal Beaming Up System. This would allow me to visit our son in England; I could drop by, have a cup of coffee at a fashionable London watering hole with him and his beloved partner, and then pop back home to Jamaica. Or perhaps I could visit my sister, go for a country walk with her and the dogs, and when the chilly evening set in, beam myself back to warmer climes. Then I could pop up in my beloved brother’s kitchen in Australia, just in time for a cuppa and a long chat, with him and his wife. And then home.

I would like to extend my Beaming Up superpower to my husband, if possible. We could go and visit our dear friend in Vermont, currently deep in snow, and warm our hands beside her stove while watching the winter birds at the feeder. Then back to our island.

I understand that “Beam me up” has turned into a popular catchphrase meaning “Get me out of here!” or “I want to get out of this place, now!” and that the rapper Nikki Minaj has made a song (?) of the same title, which I have never heard.

I am not desperate. I don’t want to escape. I just want to pay visits. And come back home again.

It would be nice.

Sometimes Scotty didn’t manage the beaming up too well and it got stuck halfway. That was a scary moment. However, my personal Beaming Up Superpower would have no such hitches.

6 thoughts on ““Beam me up, Scotty!”

  1. Really felt this one, Emma, quite brought a lump to my throat! Longing to be with our 2 lads in England, and the rest of the English family. Presently, I can’t imagine flying again….wasn’t pleasant at the best of times. …and the pandemic years have wasted away and aged many of us further away from that spirit od adventure!


    1. Absolutely, Leanna! I have never enjoyed flying at all. Nowadays the thought doesn’t appeal to me. But like you, I long to see my family! It’s so hard. And as you say, time has passed and we are not getting any younger! So this special power would be so helpful (for my mental health and that of my family too…) Thank you for you comments!


  2. Today you have taken my favorite saying. How I wish I could do this with our present totally nonsensical road repairs./so called road improvements.
    No one can show me the finished plan .
    I despair fr money wasted digging up huge creators I. A different place each day .
    The huge mounds of earth left on the road side all ready to be washed down by the rain to cover the “new road” I for see dangerous mud patches ,messy sidewalks .
    This is a reality . So allow me like you to visualize being beamed up by Scotty and coming down in the fa away places just waiting for me to revisit.
    Or even to get to the supermarket in a reasonable time.


    1. Oh no Daphne – this sounds terrible!! Is it the South Coast Highway? A dreadful environmental issue in the making, and so stressful for residents! This is the way in which this expression is often used these days – “Get me out of here!” Take care!


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