Eve For Life Says: Protect Our Women and Children! #nuhguhdeh

Eve for Life has continuously worked with Jamaica’s most vulnerable young women and girls – those who are already mothers, many HIV-positive. This is Eve’s press release on the murder of Mickolle Moulton on Independence Day morning. The bold font is my own.

A young mother and member of Eve for Life speaks at the launch of the #NuhGuhDeh campaign against sexual predators in November 2013. (My photo)

August 9, 2017

Eve For Life, an organisation which works to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of vulnerable girls and women in Jamaica, is calling on all sectors of our society to take action against what we see as increasing violence against the most vulnerable in our communities – our children and our women.

The murder of 17 year old high school student Mickolle Moulton and the shooting of her 12 year old sister while they both slept in their home is one more example of the ever growing threat of violence in our society and another horrific incident of violence against the young and against the girl child. Equally alarming is the fact that one of the victims of this horrific crime – the girls’ mother – has been effectively driven out of the community, because of concerns for her safety and very public and very vocal demonstrations by other community members against her.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has quite rightly said that the attack on the girls “represents one of the vilest attacks on our young women,” while the country’s Child Development Agency has described the crime as “heartless,” “senseless” and “inhumane.”

Eve For Life agrees, and sees the community demonstrations and calls for protection of the ‘name’ of the community as being indicative of a devaluation of the life of the girl child and a callous acceptance of the impact of crime and violence on the individual and on families. As an organisation we continue to speak out, in various fora, against the lack of regard for the welfare of girls in social spaces and what seems to be widespread societal acceptance of dehumanising and degrading treatment of girls and women (including verbal abuse, physical harassment and intimidation) on our streets and even in their homes.

We call on communities to take action that demonstrates care and concern for our most vulnerable and to create safe spaces for our women and children. We also call on community members to work with the police and justice system to bring murderers and predators to book instead of attacking and blaming victims of violent crime. We commend the political directorate for taking the lead in emphasising the need to ensure justice for, and protect, the victims and anticipate that this commitment will be reflected in the work of the police and the courts.

Eve For Life is committed to continuing advocacy and programmes to address this problem and to protect girls and young women from violence and abuse.


For further information please contact:

Joy Crawford, Director of Programmes and Training, Eve for Life Tel/WhatsApp: (876) 796-2051; Email: evejamaica@gmail.com Address: Eve for Life, 57 East Street, Kingston

Member of Parliament Mark Golding looks at the window to Mickolle Moulton’s home through which the teen was shot on Sunday morning in Arnett Gardens, St Andrew. (Photo: Bryan Cummings/Jamaica Observer)




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