The Elements (But It’s Hard to Photograph Air)

This week’s Photo Challenge asks us to “explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire.” Photographing air is a real challenge, I would say. I’m a Fire Sign (Aries) so the first thing I thought of was photographs I took of forest fires in the hills of St. Mary. I wasn’t able to dig those up – funny how files disappear, even in one’s computer – but here are some other photos of Earth, Air (?) Fire and Water.


5 thoughts on “The Elements (But It’s Hard to Photograph Air)

  1. Nice variety of images.. the opening image – wow, that could be a ‘where is this? ‘ image and it might match similar images of different countries. stunning!

    That brackish water around the tree is appealing to a gal who grew up in backwoods and flooding timbers! It plays an artful contrast to the image beside it – the open/burning fire, illustrating man’s lack of respect for our natural world.


    1. Thanks so much for your comments! The photo looks towards the highest point that is inhabited in Jamaica (although I couldn’t see any houses!) called Westphalia. It is around 4,000 feet up, I believe. Yes, the brackish water was actually after heavy rain – so it was that color because it was carrying some soil in it, but is actually fresh river water from our wonderful Cockpit Country. Yes, fire is not really a positive image for us in the tropics. If I can find my bush fire photos, I will share them with you!


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