Catching Up With the Trench Town Reading Centre (and a Fundraiser)

Jamaicans love fashion. There’s no getting away from it. I feel extremely unfashionable most of the time, because I know I cannot compete. Be that as it may, I do love fashion shows, and regularly post the red carpet fashions on my Facebook page when it’s time for movie awards. Who doesn’t love a bit of glamor?

So now the Canadian Women’s Club of Jamaica is putting on a fundraiser for the charities it supports, including the Trench Town Reading Centre. The designs will no doubt be fabulous and it will be a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening. I attended a similar event in 2014, and it was really enjoyable, with the models strolling out from the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence. I have posted a couple of photos at the end of this article. The fashion show will take place on Sunday, April 30 at 5:00 p.m. at 14 Seymour Avenue, Kingston 6. Contribution: J$2,000. Gate prizes, surprises, special guest models and fun!

I haven’t caught up with the Trench Town Reading Centre in a little while. The Centre on First Street – just across from the Culture Yard, where Bob Marley grew up, you can’t miss it – has been busy as ever, with lots of creativity going on. For Black History Month (February) the focus was on creating commemorative stamps…Mangoes of many colours, rainbow hot peppers, Doctor Birds, Ackee, Lignum Vitae and the Giant Swallowtail Butterfly re-reinterpreted..”

And Christmas was as usual a fantastic celebration for the children. In 2016 the party took on a Latin flavour, thanks to Chilean volunteer Fabiola. Roger Grant at Scotiabank is to be thanked for providing the chicken dinner. The children made bright tie-dye T shirts, and a group of them visited the nearby Golden Age Home, where they cooked dinner for the senior citizens.

So please, please support this event – and the lovely children at the Reading Centre. They are worth it. If you visit, you would see for yourself how important this place is. You can find them on Facebook (Friends of the TrenchTown Reading Centre) and do check out their website, which chronicles the history of the Reading Centre in photographs (and where you can donate via PayPal). The TrenchTown Reading Centre is 24 years old! Long may it continue.



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