Kingston Creative Takes You to Trench Town – Tomorrow

The name “Trench Town” is almost legendary, with strong links to music (Bob Marley, of course, and many others), sports and more. But have you ever been there? Now is your chance to see and find out so much more about the community, which has struggled through difficult times and continues to face challenges. But Trench Town holds many stories; there is so much history to absorb. 

Tomorrow (Saturday, February 29) Kingston Creative will take you on a tour of several institutions in the area, as Reggae Month draws to a close. You will visit the “Government Yard” that Marley sang about on First Street – directly over the road from the wonderful Trench Town Reading Centre, which I have written about several times on this platform and elsewhere. 

Members of the Kingston Drummers engage children at Trench Town Reading Centre in 2012. (My photo)

Below is the schedule for two tours, beginning at 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. For further details, contact Tavia Benjamin, 107 Harbour Street, Downtown Kingston. email:  tel: (876) 844-1954.

You can find Kingston Creative here and on Facebook. Also tweet with them @kgncreative and find them on Instagram.



Trench Town Artwalk – The Reggae Heartbeat of the World


February 27, 2020

In keeping with the celebration of Reggae Month, the Trench Town Community in association with Kingston Creative presents Trench Town Live on Saturday, February 29th.

This free day of art and crafts, live music and cultural tours is the third in a series of community-led Artwalk events designed to encourage community tourism, train 50 youth and develop Kingston’s emerging Art District.

The activity starts at the Trench Town Reading Centre and the nearby historic Culture Yard, located at 6-8 First Street in Trench Town, the home of Reggae icons like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and the Wailers. The walking tour takes guests to the Ambassador Theatre, Boys’ Town, The Trench Town Ceramics and Art Centre and the Wilton Gardens Train Park – the site of an old locomotive brought there in 1966 and reputed to be the original steam engine from the 1957 Kendal Crash.

Vin Lawrence Park on First Street. (My photo)

Tours will start at 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm. During the day, there will be live music performances and a mural will be painted honouring Mortimo St George “Kumi” Planno, (6 September 1929, Cuba – 5 March 2006, Kingston, Jamaica) who was a renowned Rastafari elder, drummer, and considered one of the ideological founders of the back-to-Africa movement founded in the 1910s by Marcus Garvey.


Just a few of the culturally conscious books for all ages at Trench Town Reading Centre. (My photo)

Parking will be provided at the Vin Lawrence Park. This event is funded by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund, the European Union, the Tourism Enhancement Fund and Sherwin Williams.

Tour Stops are as follows:

Trench Town Reading Centre on First Street, on its 20th anniversary in 2013. (My photo)

Stop 1: Trench Town Reading Centre​ – A full Library and Education Centre with a strong Cultural and Afro-Centric collection opened in December 1993.

Stop 2: Culture Yard​ – The Trench Town home of Bob Marley, which offers cultural tours and is located on First Street – also home to other Reggae Artists.


Some of the products at Trench Town Ceramics & Art Centre. (Photo: Facebook)

Stop 3: The Trench Town Ceramics and Art Centre,​ Upper First Street – A community development programme enabling artistic and ceramic creation skills among youth.

Stop 4: 5th Street JAMIN Studio​ – A Music Recording Studio and International Training/Certification Laboratory (in the Trench Town Multi- Purpose Centre).

Stop 5: Donovan “Deannie Dread” English’s Business Establishment and Entertainment Centre ​- Business, Farm, Chill-out Spot.

Stop 6: The historic Ambassador Theatre​ – Located at 7th Street, the theatre known as “the Bass” hosted memorable Jamaican entertainment events, like the Vere John Opportunity Knocks Talent Show, etc.

Ras Mortimer Planno (foreground, right) on the airplane steps as His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie arrived in Kingston, Jamaica for a visit in 1966. Planno lived in Trench Town. (Photo:

Stop 7: Painting of Mural ​– Mural painting under way in honour of Ras Mortimer Planno at the TTDA/Wilton Gardens/Dispute Resolution Office.

Stop 8: Cornerstone Learning Centre​, at the intersection of East Road and 4th Street, was recently established with funding from the Ghetto Youths Foundation, led by Stephen, Damian and Julian Marley.

Stop 9: The Wilton Gardens Train Park​ – The site of an old locomotive in the middle of the old play area of Wilton Gardens (Rema), brought there around 1966 and possibly the same steam engine in the 1957 Kendal Crash.

Boys’ Town continues its tradition of sports – here Boys’ Town’s Michael Campbell (in red) plays at a Red Stripe Premier League match in Kingston in 2017. (Photo: Jamaica Star)

Stop 10: Boys’ Town (and End of Tour)​. The Main Hall (Hugh Sherlock Hall) of the oldest community development centre in inner-city Kingston, and future site of a Community Museum showcasing musical, sporting, mentoring, educational, business and other icons.

About Kingston Creative:Founded in February 2017, Kingston Creative is a registered non-profit company that is working to promote culture and the regeneration of Downtown. We believe that Kingston is the creative capital of the Caribbean and that culture is a catalyst that creates much needed social and economic transformation in Downtown Kingston. Over the next five to ten years, we aim to develop an Art District and Creative Hub for entrepreneurs.

Visitors last year at the Trench Town Culture Yard. (My photo)

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