Waiting for Elsa

Tropical storms always involve a great deal of waiting.

It is a very warm, sticky evening. You feel you could reach out and feel the humidity and wrap it around your finger and mold it into something, like plasticine. The leaves are hanging motionless on the trees. A very persistent and loud frog is tweeting outside our window with considerable energy: “Storm coming!”

And we are waiting for Tropical Storm Elsa to arrive. She was a Hurricane for a while, now back to the TS status. However, rather worryingly, meteorologists on Twitter are waxing enthusiastic over her current status. One was tweeting a few minutes ago about “rotating hot towers” which sounded rather alarming to me. It’s the time of year when I start poring over lurid maps of swirling colors on various weather sites. I prefer them when they don’t move.

The Weather Channel tells me that this situation will continue for several hours. The dogs will be very unhappy.

More comfortably, journalist Livern Barrett tweeted a beautiful photo of an eerily calm Kingston Harbour and a silvery sunset this evening which I am sharing below.

All things must pass, including Elsa. I just want her to hurry up and pass soon. Well, I hear thunder, so had better log off. Perhaps the waiting is over.

Evening before Elsa in Kingston. (Photo: Livern Barrett/Twitter)

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