B-H Paints Advocates Environmental Protection Through Coatings Technology

I recently wrote that the Jamaican private sector will have to step up in a big way and play its part in the Green Economy – sooner rather than later. Climate change, energy conservation/renewables, and environmentally sound practices in waste disposal etc. must be first and foremost in their minds.

However, certain companies seem quite nonchalant in their approach to the environment. Over three years ago, I visited Seaview Gardens on a tour with Jamaica Environment Trust. We were horrified to see a gully – just a few yards from people’s homes – three quarters filled with what was clearly industrial waste (stinking). I described the nauseating experience here

I threw a stone into the disgusting toxic waste here, which completely filled a gully in Seaview Gardens. August 2015. (My photo)

I was glad to see Minister Daryl Vaz on television touring Seaview Gardens this week and expressing concern at the very same thing – he was seeing it for himself.  He said he is going to find out which of the companies on Spanish Town Road is responsible and hold them accountable for it. Then in rural areas, we have the rum company that seemed not to care that it was polluting the Rio Cobre, and not for the first time either… Clean up your acts, guys!

On the positive side – there are chinks of light! I am no good at chemistry – but this sounds really good to me, and I love the partnership with Caribbean Maritime University, which I feel is “going places”… I am very glad to see companies like B-H Paints marketing themselves as environmentally friendly. Yes, to me it is definitely a plus – a great selling point. Congratulations to them for doing the research and developing a “greener” product. Here is their press release.

B-H Paints Advocates Environmental Protection Through Coatings Technology

B-H Paints, The Caribbean Champions of Colour, as part of its mission to promote more environmentally friendly solutions, has introduced a new range of easy to use, water-based high-performance coatings to their extensive portfolio of anti-corrosion protective solutions for commercial and industrial settings.

High-Performance Coatings (HPCs) are a special class of highly customizable systems designed to protect property in a wide range of extreme environments and includes both light and heavy-duty solutions. These systems can dramatically extend maintenance cycles, provide longer protection against corrosion of both metal and concrete surfaces from rust and the negative effects of soluble salts, and can help maintain the structural integrity of assets.

The new water-based, high-solids products offer corrosion protection alternatives to the Jamaican business community that are safe to use and contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

I LIKE THIS PARTNERSHIP: Eron Mclean, VP for University Advancement and Development, CMU (second left) engages Orlando Vazquez VP of Sales and Marketing for B-H and Harris Paint (left), Radcliffe Myers, Head of Business Unit for B-H Paints and Claude Manning (second right), Sales Manager for Trade and HPC for B-H (right) – Photo: B-H Paints

B-H Paints, in association with Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), just recently brought together maintenance and building professionals to bring awareness to their broad range of HPC solutions with a special focus on systems suitable for marine and coastal environments. The company has had a strong strategic partnership with International/ Akzo Nobel, a global leader in HPC protective coatings since 2006, and are the chosen supplier for Jamaica and the English-speaking Caribbean.

The main speaker at the seminar, Martin Criado, Coatings Manager for Latin America & Caribbean with International Paints LLC (IP), highlighted the importance of protective coatings. He noted that the HPC line of products incorporates the use of a new technology to handle corrosion. “Corrosion is an environmental problem.  So today is about how we can improve technology to protect the assets from degradation.”

“In preventing or reducing corrosion, we have more opportunities to positively impact the environment. The first step is to make sure that the product itself, during the life cycle, does not affect the environment. Then it is important to consider the right coating system, application process and the proper use of products to achieve an effective coating. The water-based and high-solids HPC products we offer, help to reduce harmful emissions,” he said.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Harris Paints Group of Companies, Orlando Vasquez promises to maintain the company’s thrust to explore new technology that will bring about environmental benefits and meet safety goals.

“Climate change is real and the Caribbean is not separate from that, it’s affecting our countries, and because of that, we decided that this new tech is very important for Jamaica.  At this location (CMU), we are next to the ocean, it’s affecting the building, it’s affecting equipment and critical structures. Having new technology and products that can prevent or at least extend the life cycles of these buildings and these structures is very important for us,” he said. “And if the technology exists that allows us to offer eco-friendly alternatives, that is even better.”

The Harris Paints Group has been a leading innovator for safer and greener technology dating back to the 1980s. They have introduced several cutting-edge products that have moved the market towards safer emulsion (water-based) technology and away from older oil-based formulas. It is their goal to continue moving that frontier forward.

“At Harris Paints and B-H Paints, we have made a very informed decision to continue expanding our portfolio in a way that is environmentally friendly,” added Vazquez.“Since our launch in 2013 of Ulttima Plus (featuring EasyBreathe technology), we keep improving our products to have lower VOCs which means that they will have less odour, be better for the environment and everyone.  We also address that in our production facilities– refining our products and production processes to be more environmentally friendly.”

B-H Paints is the only Jamaican manufacturer that uses Zero VOC colourants and has earned an international eco-friendly mark of honour. B-H Paints products that display the Green Wise mark are certified to be free of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to consumers and adhere to the highest standards of safety.

For more information, contact: Julia Vaz  Email: media@DRTcommunications.com   Tel: 1 876.841.2986

From Left Orlando Vazquez VP of Sales and Marketing for B-H and Harris Paint, Radcliff Myers, Head of Business Unit for B-H Paints, Claude Manning, Sales Manager for Trade and HPC for B-H, Andre Wilson B-H Paints Representative. (Photo: B-H Paints)


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