Blogging from Sierra Leone: The ‘Why’.

I have a new follower, a fellow blogger from Sierra Leone! This is a pleasure in and of itself, but also I found his comments on the “why” of blogging completely resonated with me. If you are already a blogger or are considering starting a blog, this is very enlightening and really sums up all the positive aspects of this pursuit. PS Do follow Kamanda Koroma!

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have songs based on the country’s gumbo genre. They have a distinct Jamaican feel, by the way! I love their music. Photo: Huck Magazine


There are millions of narratives online about people and their stories, mostly as strangers without meeting each other we connect with these experiences as we find ourselves relating to them. The intricate nature of human existence is the simple truth that in our differences we notice familiar things that brings us to the earthy truth that we are but just a singular race.

Every human has a story to tell and it’s no wonder in this day and age why blogging holds such a strong allure. Strangely the idea to create a blog to post my poems, articles and ramblings came not from me , but from my cousin, Ibrahim Jalloh (R I P).I had shared a piece via WhatsApp to him and after reading, he remarked that it would be a great idea to have a platform to air out my writings.

In his words he said, ”Kamanda, you…

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