Independence Lessons From a Great Jamaican Family

The third in my series of Jamaican perspectives on our Independence is from Mr. Gordon Robinson, newspaper columnist and award-winning opinion journalist (and blogger, and tweeter). His perspective is that of an older Jamaican, compared to the authors of the previous blog pos ts on this topic that I already shared. But in a sense it is equally cynical. Mr. Robinson suggests that Independence was a bit of a “con,” in fact. And as for reparations…

(l-r) Sir Alexander Bustamante, who became the first Prime Minister of independent Jamaica; British MP Hugh Fraser; Secretary of State for the Colonies Reginald Maudling; and Norman Manley, who led the team that negotiated the island’s Independence from Britain, after the formal signing of the Jamaican Independence Conference report in 1962. (Photo: The Voice Online)

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One of Jamaica’s finest public servants is a man named Herbert Samuel (“Herbie”) Walker.

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