Annabella and Peter Proudlock Collection at National Gallery this Sunday, July 30

Annabella and Peter Proudlock have a special place in our hearts. We knew them personally for many years. They lived life to the fullest, and were passionate about Jamaican art and artists. At Harmony Hall they used to stage an Intuitives Exhibition at the end of every year. We hardly ever missed one. I am sad that they no longer share this Earth space with us. If you are in town, please come and pay tribute – and enjoy their glorious art collection – on Sunday at the National Gallery.

National Gallery of Jamaica Blog

The Annabella and Peter Proudlock Collection exhibition opens this Sunday, July 30, and will continue until November 4. This is the first of a series of posts based on the text panels in the exhibition.

The Annabella and Peter Proudlock Collection exhibition features a generous, near-complete selection from the joint collection of Annabella and Peter Proudlock, which forms the largest part of this exhibition, along with works that were owned by Annabella and her family before her marriage to Peter, and two works that were previously part of these collections but are now owned by others, Annabella’s son Sebastian Ogden and her friend and associate Maxine Walters.

The exhibition provides a vivid picture of the lives, artistic interests, professional and personal relationships, and cultural entrepreneurship of several personalities who have played a vital role in the development of Jamaican art, individually and through Harmony Hall, which has been the premier…

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