Don’t be fooled: Jamaicans have dreams!

My friend Dennis Jones is a blogger with whom I share many ideas and thoughts. Sometimes we disagree. However, when I read the muddled Gleaner article about “The Jamaican Dream,” I felt irritated, just as Dennis clearly did – even more so when the report was actually taken seriously by commentators. What? You mean to tell me Jamaicans don’t have dreams and aspirations? Come on.

The Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference 2017 gets under way. A room full of dreams. (Photo: JIS)

Jamaica: Political Economy

I have not read the survey that led to the Gleaner writing ‘No time to dream‘, but I can tell you that it’s utter rubbish–or twaddle, which is my preferred word for things I think are rubbish. The conclusion comes because over 50% cannot articulate their dream?

Because I cannot tell you what I want for my teenage daughter, you will tell me that I have no dream for her future? Get out of here! I see her hard work and I hope it turns her into more than a child who had hard work and a wish to do better. If she manages to fulfill her potential as a swimmer, she may not become an Olympian or even represent her country, or even go on to the podium as a winner, but she would have done her very best with what she had. That, my dear friend…

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