NEPA Warns Jamaicans to Steer Clear of Crocodile Habitats During Heavy Rains

When we have heavy rains, crocodiles tend to be more mobile and move about the place. Jamaica is still under a huge cloud of rain, which has been coming down in torrents since last night over most of the island. There are many places (some in urban areas, such as Portmore, Seaview Gardens etc) where crocodiles live. This is a reminder from NEPA to keep away from such areas during the rains. If you see a crocodile that’s too close for comfort, CALL NEPA! They will come and remove it. Do NOT harm it! Our American Crocodile is a protected species.


May 16, 2017:

Avoid Crocodile Habitats During Heavy Rains – NEPA

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is advising the public to exercise extreme caution in areas close to swamps, rivers,  gullies and other known crocodile habitats, as the animals are likely to be displaced during the current torrential rains.

NEPA is urging persons to report crocodile sightings to 754-7540, 1-888-991-5005, 580-7993 or via the Agency’s WhatsApp line at 819-NEPA (6372). Individuals may also call 119 or make a report to the nearest police station.

The public is being reminded not to provoke crocodiles as these sensitive creatures may become defensive if cornered or attacked. Crocodiles are one of Jamaica’s many endangered animal species and are protected under law.

It is an offence under the Wild Life Protection Act (WLPA) to possess, hunt, kill capture or willfully molest the crocodile. Individuals found guilty of the offence may be charged a maximum fine of $100,000 or face one year imprisonment.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Deleen Powell, Public Relations Officer  Tel: 754-7540, ext. 2437; 754-7575; Mobile: 351-9960

Fax: 754-7596 Email: Website:

 Ms. Shaniek Parks, Manager, Public Education and Corporate Communication Branch  Tel: 754-7540, ext. 2430; Fax: 754-7596

Mobile: 878-4731   Email: Website:

We met this lovely fellow during a trip to Salt River, Clarendon earlier this year. He took no notice of us and eventually slid back into the river. (My photo)




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