Jam Habitat’s “BRACED II” To Be Launched on January 16

The Mighty Diamonds’ song “I Need a Roof”  is a roots reggae classic, and certainly one of my all-time favorites. It’s a sweetly plaintive tune. Indeed, what could be more important for a human being than shelter from the fierce sun, uncertain wind and our heavy tropical rains? Well, it’s even more important to build resilience in communities that have few resources. So it’s good to know that an important project has been extended in the community of Naggo Head, St. Catherine. I visited there late last year and saw the great work of BRACED myself. BRACED II will be launched on Monday, January 16, 2017 at the Portmore Municipal Council offices. An important point to note: Community members are closely involved in the project.




Here is Jam Habitat’s press release:

Portmore receives USAID/OFDA Urban Disaster Risk Reduction support

LAUNCH of Project BRACED extension

Jam Habitat for Humanities Building Resilience and Capacities for Emerging Disaster project (BRACED) has been carrying out urban disaster risk reduction initiatives in the communities of Naggo Head, Newlands and Gregory Park over the last 24 months. Although this project will continue to focus on shelter and settlements, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and risk management policies and practices, Phase 1 will come to an end in March 2017.

Jam Habitat has secured funding for a Phase II to sustain the work carried out in Phase 1. The 2 main objectives of Phase II will be to:

  1. Support neighborhood planning to address identified risk at the settlement level;
  2. Increase awareness of household tenure status and develop awareness on tenure formalization process.

The expected results will be:

  • A community-based Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) plan for Naggo Head;
  • Households provided with knowledge and data to secure their tenure rights;
  • Householders and community members assisted to mitigate the impact of future and ongoing hazards in their neighborhood and homes.

Using a multidisciplinary team including UTECH and community members, GIS mapping teams will produce master land use maps, including physical vulnerabilities as well as tenure status of households. The process will involve community members in training, mapping activities; vetting and verification of tenure maps and the development of the Naggo Head Redevelopment Plan.

Jam Habitat community development officer Damien Williams (left) with dynamic community members in Naggo Head, St. Catherine. (My photo)
Jam Habitat development officer Damien Williams (left) with dynamic community members in Naggo Head, St. Catherine. (My photo)

Contact: Dr. P. Griffiths, JamHabitat for Humanity International 2014 Limited, Shops 92 & 26 Portmore Pines Plaza, Portmore, St. Catherine.

Tel: (876) 823-5111/822-1232   Fax: (876) 704-1686   Email: info@braced-jamhabitat.org


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