Blood On The Door (A Hurricane Story)

Today, we got into a seemingly never-ending cycle of preparations for Hurricane Matthew. Food and batteries and kerosene oil and board and water and more food. I fidgeted around the yard for a while, figuring out what may or may not be blown away. Meanwhile, this wonderful hurricane story landed on my Twitter timeline. What a treat! Thank you Kei Miller for thinking of us, perched on our island while a huge swirling mass to the south of us has suddenly stopped in its tracks… Thank you for this great story!

Under the Saltire Flag

The blood will be a sign for you on the houses

where you are; and when I see the blood I will

pass over.  – Exodus

Sister Inez, who keep in tune to the world by listening to her radio day in and day out, heard it first. She hauled up her skirt, ran outside and shouted the news, “Flood water! Hurricane a come!”

Everybody panic. It was going to happen again. Whatever hinged the heavens up in space had loosened, and the sky was going to crash. The winds would gather and the waters would rise.

Ten years ago the sky fell. They told us Hurricane was nothing but a lot of rain, but when we did lock up in the houses and we hear the animals outside crying out when they breathe in water and their chests burst open, and we hear the trees falling and the…

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