Breastfeeding and lactation support organisation partners with Free Likkle Cupboard to empower new Moms

Maternal health is absolutely critical in countries such as Jamaica; our island fell short of its UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in this area, and there remains much work to be done. The European Union-funded PROMAC (Programme for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality) and other major efforts have sought to face the challenges Jamaica had encountered with MDGs 4 and 5.

As State Minister in the Ministry of Health and Wellness Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn points out in this article, however, there are many different ways to improve wellness for our mothers and young children. Here is an innovative way – a small, simple project that may have a wider impact than one might expect. I hope it will be well supported, and that it might be extended to other health institutions that provide maternity services across the island. Here’s more from the Cradle of Life Foundation (yes, you may not have heard of them – but now you know them!) Please donate items and support this effort to support mothers in need…

Sister Andrea Dawkins-Powell (left) accepts the gift of the Free Likkle Cupboard from Mrs. Simeca Alexander-Williamson, Lactation Consultant and Director of the Cradle of Life Foundation, at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital recently. (Photo: Cradle of Life Foundation)

The breastfeeding journey can be a difficult and lonely one with little help and support. Cradle of Life Foundation Limited, a local breastfeeding and lactation support company is here to add signs and rest stops along the path to aid new mothers who need support. 

“Our aim is to offer support to mothers in need as they provide their babies with first stage nutrition,” says Mrs. Simeca Alexander-Williamson, Director and Breastfeeding Consultant at Cradle of Life. 

“There are groups of women who get overlooked for many reasons. One of which is that breastfeeding is still not a main priority in the general Jamaican populace. At Cradle of Life, we want to focus on mothers who want to breastfeed and struggle for varied reasons, and we educate others of the importance of breastfeeding,” Mrs. Alexander-Williamson continues.

Here are the items needed to help the mothers… Please share and see if you can donate.

Their primary goal and motivations led the company to secure a relationship with the baby store, Baby Bop where an ongoing collection drive is underway. The items people donate are all for new mothers and their babies. The collection drive has yielded great results to the point where Cradle of Life has donated the items to the women of the maternity ward of the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. 

The Cradle of Life’s Free Likkle Cupboard at Victoria Jubilee Hospital. Let’s fill it up, nuh! (Photo: Cradle of Life Foundation)

“We wanted to take our efforts a step further and partner with Free Likkle Cupboard. This new partnership is expected to encourage more persons to donate smaller and also crucial breastfeeding items that will only benefit the new moms and their newborns. The ‘likkle cupboard’ should be packed quickly to facilitate an increase in our ability to donate to those in need,” the Cradle of Life Director emphasised. 

The partnership with Free Likkle Cupboard has seen a donation cupboard branded with the Cradle of Life Foundation logo. It will be strategically placed at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital encouraging all those who can give to do so.

“The Free Likkle Cupboard is excited to partner with Cradle of Life Foundation, who is invested in empowering our society through breastfeeding practices and child development,” says De-Andra Jackson.

The cupboard will be accessible to the staff at the hospital so the items can be given to new moms in great need. 

To contact the Cradle of Life Foundation, you may send an email to

Ward Manager at Victoria Jubilee Hospital Sister Denise Manning-Stone (left) and Sister Andrea Dawkins-Powell with the Free Likkle Cupboard, ready for donations. (Photo: Cradle of Life Foundation)

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