Refugio Paz de las Aves – An Urgent Dilemma

Tomorrow is International Biodiversity Day (May 22, 2022).
The theme is “Building a Shared Future for All Life.” Across the Latin America and Caribbean region, however – such as here in my blogger friend Lisa’s adopted country, Ecuador – we need to build more, and destroy less. But (re)building takes time, and funds. Please read the article in the link here, and please donate to the GoFundMe page if you have a few dollars to spare. Refuges of various kinds need all the help they can get. Thank you Lisa, for bringing this to our attention. Yet another quiet battle for a precious piece of our Planet, and the life that it contains…

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(Nanegalito Ecuador)  –   “I wondered why there were boots in the truck when you picked me up at the airport,” my friend Marie stated as we were leaving the Paz Bird Refuge (Refugio Paz de las Aves)

Like many nature enthusiasts, I had read Noah Strycker’s Smithsonian story:  Why Birdwatchers Flock to Ecuador  and secretly plotted to surprise Marie with a unique start to her visit.

One visits Refugio de las Aves with expectations of a positive birding experience – and gets that.   One also leaves with a lighter heart, thanks to the spell of a magical realm that began years earlier when Angel Paz tossed those first worms to an elusive and whimsical little bird he named, ‘Maria.’  (in honor of his wife.)

Strycker states in the 2015 story, ” Ángel Paz could be the poster child of local-scale birding. Paz used to log trees on his…

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