Day 30: Directions to a Dream Life

Phillippa “Saffron” Sauterel is a Jamaican Swiss poet, now living in Switzerland. Some may remember her memorable performances at poetry reading sessions in Kingston. This poem describes a sad journey – although the stew at the end sounds promising! Enjoy and follow Phillippa’s blog. She has been very busy writing!


Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

reverse and retrace

the adult experience and curse

cut back the Hawthorns

of Romantic Disappointments then

walk twenty steps north, run

as if the Boogie Man were breathing

hot down your neck

until you pass the Grand Boogle

of Betrayal Weasels, and you’ll reach

the eastern bluff of the Cliff of Poverty

take one of the parachutes there

and pretend to buckle it on –

(you won’t need it)

a fearsome cloaked figure

who is really quite kind

will hand you a Certificate

of Complete and Utter Rejection

then directing you to open

a hidden rusty grate – go in

you are taking the Dark

Stairs of Depression, until

you reach the sea below

you can now take the red boat

and row across the Trials Cove

brace for an attack

as dolphin-like mammals will seize

both your oars, so you’ll feel

helplessness, loss and…

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