The Intensive Care Unit at Bustamante Hospital for Children is Now Powered by the Sun

I hear the 2018 Guardsman Games was a great success this year, despite the oppressive heat. It’s all rather tough guy/gal stuff, and I think I am too old and unfit myself (my days of climbing ropes are over. Actually, I never could climb a rope…) There is a pretty daunting Obstacle Race and a Tuff Kids section. And yes – it’s a charity event, and the Hope Zoo’s At-Risk Youth programme, Kind Hearts Foundation, and Bustamante Children’s Hospital are among the beneficiaries, along with the Guardsman/JDF Boys of Hope. Start training for 2019 now! Now, here’s a fantastic development for our sick children. I wish all our hospitals and schools were solar-powered. Think of the savings!

The Intensive Care Unit at Bustamante Hospital for Children is Now Powered by the Sun

Tough guys and gals… A Guardsman Games team. No smiles.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Bustamante Hospital for Children, Kingston is now fully powered by a solarised system, donated by part proceeds from the Guardsman Games 2017.

The official handing over of the system by Future Energy Company – manufacturers of the system – and Guardsman Group to the hospital took place on Monday, August 20, with the Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Tufton, participating.

Kwame Hall, VP of Operations at Future Energy Corporation, said the Bustamante Hospital for Children will realize savings of $28 million over 20 years from the use of the alternate energy source, which features 28 solar panels on the roof of the ICU building.

Minister Tufton, lauded the Guardsman Group and, in particular, its Executive Chairman, Kenneth Benjamin, for his vision in donating the system to the children’s hospital.

The Minister – who participated in two of the Guardsman Games, starting out with the 6.4 km course, with 24 obstacles and graduating to the 7 km, 32 obstacle course last year – described the programme as a unique experience for Jamaica, planned to international standards.

“I enjoyed them, as the Guardsman Games keep participants mentally focussed while testing their determination and physical strength,” said Minister Tufton.

Also at the function, Commander George Overton, Director of the Guardsman Group, announced that the next Guardsman Games is set to begin on July 28, 2019.  “So far we have received 340 applications to participate in the games,” he told his audience.

In the meantime, he said 20 Jamaicans have qualified to compete in the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) World Championship to be held in London in October this year.

SOLAR POWERED: Minister of Health Dr. Christopher Tufton thanks Kenneth Benjamin, Executive Chairman of the Guardsman Group, for a solarised system for the Intensive Care Unit of the Bustamante Hospital for Children at the official handover ceremony held on Monday, August 20 at the hospital. Joining them are Kwame Hall, Vice President of Operations of Future Energy Corporation and Karlene Taylor Mckenzie, Acting CEO of the Bustamante Hospital for Children. INSET: The solar panels on the roof of the ICU building. (Photo: Guardsman Group)

2 thoughts on “The Intensive Care Unit at Bustamante Hospital for Children is Now Powered by the Sun

  1. What a wonderful concept – and it’s implemented and working! Most hospitals/clinics face serious challenges in times of crisis when power is ‘off’ for long term — and if fuel for generators cannot be delivered.

    Those guardsmen guys/gals are some serious athletes, but I suspect they’re also amazing and positive people!


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