Deliberations Advanced On Cockpit Country, Says Prime Minister Holness

Here is an update from the Office of the Prime Minister, dated November 1. It is online here.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness in response to the Jamaica House Petition on the Cockpit Country is advising that The Cabinet of Jamaica continues to deliberate on matters concerning the area.

He noted that in September, the Jamaica House Petition Portal registered that a petition gained support from more than 15,000 persons.

The Government had committed to providing a response within 30 days.

However, given consultation with the environmental community as well as them advising of concerns regarding the draft boundaries, the Government has set a revised timeline to give an official response.

This timeline is necessary to ensure that the concerns of the various stakeholders are taken into consideration.

The Prime Minister wishes to emphasize the Government’s support for initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and encourages citizens to be more caring of their surroundings and to adopt sustainable environmental practices.

Maroon and British burial site in Cockpit Country. (Photo: Ted Lee Ebanks)

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3 thoughts on “Deliberations Advanced On Cockpit Country, Says Prime Minister Holness

    1. Yes… again!! I don’t think we will have much longer to wait. Problem is, people (including myself) are so impatient. This “issue” has been dragging on for so many years (in my view it should never have been debated in the first place… just leave Cockpit Country alone!!)

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