I’ve Missed Out on a Few Things… Including the Katalyxt Youth Innovators!

The last few weeks have been busy, and though the heart was willing I didn’t make it to some special events. Here I am catching up with one that you may also have missed…

“We are innovators, we are job creators!” This was the mantra at the first round of Judging for the Katalyxt Youth Innovators Competition at the Jamaica Conference Center on April 4. Katalyxt is a subsidiary of Mint Management and Finance Services Limited, headed by Winsome Minott. Its mission is transferring knowledge and stimulating the innovative talent in students with an entrepreneurial mindset. (And by the way Ms. Minott is also a wonderful poet, with a deep appreciation of her Jamaican culture).

Katalyxt Team Leader Winsome Minott: Entrepreneurs will face problems, however, it is the right attitude, where perseverance meets preparation that will lead to success.” (Photo: Katalyxt)

At the first round of judging in the seventh Youth Innovators Competition, there was a strong turnout of participating schools; there were 25 entries. The students shared the products and services they had developed with the team of judges, after a welcome by Ms. Minott, who noted how important it was to be resilient in the face of adversity. How important that word “resilient” is, these days!

Sponsors of the competition are: Development Bank of Jamaica, EXIM Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Jamaica Association for Micro Financing (JAMFIN), Tru Juice, Jamaica Producers, HEART Trust NTS, with endorsement from the Ministry of Education. The judging will continue during the month of April.

Here’s a photo gallery from Katalyxt:














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