Your Best!

Here’s another great post from the I’m Glad I’m a Girl Foundation, which has started a blog recently as they gear up for their summer camp later this month. Written by young people, this blog is really an inspiration. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I'm Glad I'm A Girl Foundation

I have the best friends. Literally; for every mood I could possibly have I have a friend that can either facilitate it or get me out of it and I love them dearly. It so happened that one day I was having a conversation with one of these girls and she said she thinks that if I wanted to be an A+ student she had no doubt that I would be. Initially, I was immensely flattered- I mean I was of course an intellectual bad-ass if I had the potential to be Awesome and CHOSE not to be *snaps fingers* But on closer examination I realized that I was communicating a very unfortunate message to my friend: Firstly, I didn’t want to be an A+ student and secondly, I simply chose not to be. And at that moment reality hit me upside the head that there was nothing less bad-ass…

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