A challenge must be tackled with gusto (or avoided)

The Bloganuary prompt from a few days ago (ha!) was: Write about a challenge you faced and overcame. Well, I do my best to avoid facing up to challenges, these days. It’s all too exhausting. I am also tired of reading clichéd phrases like “It has been a challenging year.” Nowadays, I am very happy … More A challenge must be tackled with gusto (or avoided)

Blogging in 2022

Bloggers always seem to be making resolutions, something along the lines of… I am going to blog every day. I am going to blog every Wednesday. I am going to make my blog more positive/exciting/varied/funny. And most important of all: I am not going to give up! Now WordPress wants to get us struggling bloggers … More Blogging in 2022

Eddie Two Hawks Blog

I have got hooked on another blog. This is a daily post: a quote, and a photograph. Very simple, thoughtful, effective. I particularly like this quote, which resonates very much with my own thinking these days… via A Fine Thing

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience – in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island with plenty of “ambience” – it’s an oddly vague word that means a “feel,” an atmosphere, a quality. When we talk about “vibes” in Jamaica, that is what we are really talking about – whether good or bad. The Beach Boys’ classic  “Good Vibrations” sums it up – and again Brian … More Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience – in Jamaica

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is on the theme “Resilient.” I thought of the resilience of humans. In the past year, there have been many stories of resilience, in Jamaica and around the world: Aleppo, Yemen, the plight of migrants and refugees. Resilience is not just about strength and toughness. It’s also about overcoming obstacles and … More Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient