Kingston Buttercup: Duppies, Families and Yellow Tape

The Kingston Buttercup has a small yellow flower. It grows with determination by the roadside, prickly but ignored. Ann-Margaret Lim’s title poem in her second collection of poetry Kingston Buttercup describes a glimpse of this little city flower as a kind of release from the pressure of traffic, winding down from her home in Red Hills. It’s … More Kingston Buttercup: Duppies, Families and Yellow Tape

Birds and Blood

The Petchary is a bird.  It is a visitor to the island of Jamaica, but one from the south, unlike the bright little creatures from the north that populate our garden in the winter months.  And it arrives in the summer.  For the rest of the year, its close relative, the Loggerhead Kingbird, dances noisily … More Birds and Blood

Clubbing and Crunching

The New Year greetings, pious sentiments, genuine good wishes, hysterical fireworks and overblown hopes and fears are becoming overwhelming.  Truly, there are fears as well as hopes in equal measure – but we prefer hope, don’t we. So, two little oddities that the Petchary enjoyed this week… Silly distractions are needed, for now. Firstly, the … More Clubbing and Crunching