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I have got hooked on another blog. This is a daily post: a quote, and a photograph. Very simple, thoughtful, effective. I particularly like this quote, which resonates very much with my own thinking these days… via A Fine Thing

Acting Locally for International Peace Day: Thursday, September 21 (Please Wear Blue!)

International Peace Day is tomorrow – Thursday, September 21, 2017. In Jamaica, peace is a big issue. As the Dalai Lama and others have said – “peace” does not just mean “absence of violence.” It is much more than that, and we need to work on it –  together. The Violence Prevention Alliance (see contact details … More Acting Locally for International Peace Day: Thursday, September 21 (Please Wear Blue!)

Love and Peace

Back in my hippie days, this was of course my mantra. A simple expression of what life should be all about. Surround yourself with love and peace and everything will fall into place. And everyone will love you. Of course, in the real world life wasn’t quite like that. In today’s Jamaica, there are so … More Love and Peace


I watched a small and unpretentious YouTube video today, posted by John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono.  Less than one minute long.  Yoko greets us with a “Hi” and an almost imperceptible shy shrug of her shoulders, like a young girl trying to be friends.  After asking us to “Think peace, spread peace, act peace and … More John

Postscript on Peace

Did you know there is a Global Peace Index?  It tries to measure peace (always so much harder to measure than war) and this year, it surveyed 149 countries – in the Caribbean, only Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti (in order of peacefulness).  Right at the top is New Zealand, where nothing ever happens; and at … More Postscript on Peace


Peace is one of those big words.  Especially as the choppy surface of the little pond that is Kingston, Jamaica, has barely calmed.  It can be easily ruffled, again, and perhaps it will.   And we have a Peace Management Initiative.  Can we really manage peace, one wonders. I was inspired to write this by an email I received … More Peace