Good Friday Music

Good Friday is almost over. It has been blissfully quiet on our usually busy street. The only sounds have been the springtime wind in the trees, the song of the “nightingale” (our mockingbird) perched on the lamp post, and the occasional, obligatory bark from our dog, when she felt she really had to register her … More Good Friday Music

Wagner – Parsifal Act I Prelude – part 1 (Levine)

The first time I heard this I held my breath for the first two passages… then slowly exhaled. “Parsifal” is called “Good Friday music” so I am rather premature. This is one of my all-time favorite pieces of classical music – sombre, calm, uplifting, magical, cool, emotional… all wrapped up in a beautiful package. Although … More Wagner – Parsifal Act I Prelude – part 1 (Levine)