The Little Things

Life has been a bit overwhelming lately. A plethora of “issues,” large and small, and many things to attend to at home and outside the home. So I took a little time off yesterday to wander around our overgrown yard, enjoying the song of the Northern Mockingbird (the Jamaican “nightingale”) and photographing very small things. … More The Little Things

Moringa in Spring

It’s hard to differentiate between the seasons here in the tropics, of course. But now there is a little freshness in the air. After a few showers that eased our crippling drought, the garden seems to be breathing again. The clouds are high and light; the sky is a gentler blue. And mangoes are ripening… … More Moringa in Spring

A Miracle with Leaves

The word “miracle,” (like “excellence”) is a word that is much over-used in the hyposphere (yes, that’s a new word I just created.  I quite like it, might copyright it).  But seriously, there is a “miracle tree” –  and its name is Moringa.  No, not merengue – as my husband kept pronouncing it – no … More A Miracle with Leaves