Mid-week Mutterings: July 10, 2013

Another week is flying past, breezy and rainless. And a storm is fluttering around. Chantal brushing past… Our Meteorological Office decided that Tropical Storm Chantal was “not a threat” to Jamaica before she even arrived in the Caribbean Basin. A little premature, and indeed Chantal did not follow her projected course. For a while Jamaica was on Tropical … More Mid-week Mutterings: July 10, 2013


Now that Hallowe’en is over, the Petchary would like to speak up on behalf of an ancient tradition that is often much maligned on this island of Jamaica.  Primarily by Christians – and I say this with emphasis, as they do themselves, possibly to emphasize their sense of superiority to the rest of us heathens.  There … More Hallowed

A Watery Tale

The Petchary just sat through another session of local television news, an evening ritual.  There was the usual selection of politicians posturing.  There were what my father used to call “hard luck stories.”  Roads that have been torn away, or resembling those weird obstacle games devised by the Japanese where you are likely to fall into … More A Watery Tale