We Live in Interesting Times: Thoughts on the French Presidential Election from Blogger Wayne Campbell

“Interesting times” could also be rephrased as “dark times,” as a dear Twitter friend described the state of the world the other day. Here’s a guest blog post from my friend Wayne Campbell. You can find his blog at http://www.wayaine.blogspot.com/ and his contact details are below. Wayne is particularly focused on gender issues, and through this … More We Live in Interesting Times: Thoughts on the French Presidential Election from Blogger Wayne Campbell

Of Refugees, the Huddled Masses…and Home (A Poem)

Today has been surreal. President Donald Trump’s Executive Order has created chaos, anger and pain at many airports across the United States. Here are a few of the almost nightmarish occurrences, which unraveled on Twitter this evening. It went something like this: On International Holocaust Remembrance Day (of all days) Donald Trump signs an Executive Order (EO) restricting immigration … More Of Refugees, the Huddled Masses…and Home (A Poem)

African Postman: Niger and the Challenge of Water

Water is a crucial issue in developing and developed countries.  World Water Day becomes, every year, a more important day on our calendars.  In this article from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the important message for Niger, for Africa and for the world is: “We have to change our behavior, and use and … More African Postman: Niger and the Challenge of Water

African Postman: Liberia Rules the Waves

Yesterday, all eyes were turned on Africa – and this mighty continent rarely makes the headlines – with the fifty-year sentencing of former Liberian leader Charles Taylor in the International Criminal Court at The Hague.  Mr. Taylor was charged with aiding and abetting war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone.  There is undoubtedly a sense of … More African Postman: Liberia Rules the Waves

Three Cheers

As National Heroes Week draws to a close in Jamaica, here are three things the Petchary would like to celebrate, this Friday evening (apart from the fact that it’s Friday, of course)… HOORAY for the Bolivian indigenous protesters AND President Evo Morales, who has agreed not to run the highway through protected rainforest.  After having … More Three Cheers

Lights, Camera, Action

The international news has been looking like several action movies rolled into one, in recent weeks. There is so much going on that the BBC News can’t fit everything into one of its tight little news packages (although it still finds a spot for the Queen’s visit to Australia, in shades of pastel, and how … More Lights, Camera, Action

Back to the revolution

The Petchary is feeling fidgety.  It’s all the fault of that dictator-on-the-way-out (the biggest and baddest of them all) Muammar Ghadafi… whose name is spelled a thousand different ways.  Does anyone know the correct anglicized spelling, by the way? It’s dark in Tripoli now, so the TV news stations are treating us to people sitting … More Back to the revolution

Salif Keita – Yamore

One of my favorite Salif Keita songs, and a warm, sweet feel to this video. Beautiful blend of Mr. Keita’s voice and that of the incomparable Cesaria Evora of Cape Verde. Salif Keita – Yamore Follow my videos on vodpod   Related articles African Legends: Salif Keita (naisentertainment.wordpress.com) Video Salif Keita at Union Chapel, Islington … More Salif Keita – Yamore