Blood Will Have Blood

Our Police Commissioner rarely smiles these days, and our National Security Minister rarely speaks. Nor, frankly, does the media seem greatly concerned by the fact that – as I listed in my last blog post – at least twelve Jamaicans have been murdered in the past three days, and at least four have been shot … More Blood Will Have Blood

We Need Heroes: The Final Word On National Heroes Day

The last word on National Heroes Day comes from my friend and poet Michael Abrahams. Another gem of wit and sarcasm. My dear non-Jamaican friends, some of this may be completely incomprehensible to you! So I have translated parts of this poignant piece, as best I can – although it spoils the rhyming of course … More We Need Heroes: The Final Word On National Heroes Day

Everyday Courage

Last month, around the time of National Heroes Day in Jamaica, I was turning the concept of “heroes” around in my head. I had some conversations with a few young Jamaicans in the social media. Two things occurred to me: firstly, that Jamaica seems to be badly in need of heroes. And secondly, that a hero is … More Everyday Courage