Limbo Citizens or Stateless People? – Human Rights, Migration, and the Future for Dominicans of Haitian Ancestry

Originally posted on Groundation Grenada:
:: By Angelique V. Nixon, Ph.D ::   “No one can be hood-winked as to the reason and the purpose for this kind of discriminatory legislation. Within the region we have an obligation to speak and we cannot allow such inequities to go without our strongest condemnations.” – P.J. Patterson   Caribbean…


The ball is round. The Petchary has caught that incurable disease that is gripping so many Jamaicans.  It’s spreading like wildfire.  Symptoms include a strange, incessant buzzing (or trumpeting) in the ears, and a strong desire to throw oneself down on the couch and watch…the World Cup.  Today’s hero was Diego Forlan of Uruguay, he of the … More (Foot)ball