“Limbo”: A New Jamaican Novel by Esther Figueroa

Sitting here in limbo Waiting for the tide to flow Sitting here in limbo Knowing that I have to go One of Jimmy Cliff’s most wistful songs, this one written in 1971, came to mind as I was reading Esther Figueroa’s recently published novel – described as arguably Jamaica’s first “environmental novel.”  Limbo is, of course, … More “Limbo”: A New Jamaican Novel by Esther Figueroa

Two New Environmental Films by Independent Filmmaker Esther Figueroa

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
Jamaican filmmaker Esther Figueroa, whose earlier film Jamaica for Sale addressed the environmental costs of tourism development in Jamaica, has just released two environmental films available through youtube. Her documentaries on Caribbean environmental issued showcase the power of film to bring attention to the myriad environmental tragedies taking place everyday throughout…

Total Destruction

In my Vodpod collection on the left of the screen (scroll down just a little) you will see a video – only two or three minutes long, with no commentary.  But it speaks volumes.  It was made by the Jamaica Environment Trust, a non-governmental organization that continuously – and vividly – describes the slow (or … More Total Destruction