spinner dolphin

Exhilaration and joy. The dolphins literally spin and twist their bodies. Wish I was with them. 1st collector for spinner dolphin Follow my videos on vodpod Related articles [photos] Cruising Kauai’s Napa Li Coast (jlake.com) Gulf’s Real Dolphin Toll: 50 Times What Washes Up (newser.com) Was That Choreographed? (thedolphindance.wordpress.com)

Non-human Persons

The Petchary believes 2011 should be the Year of the Dolphin.  OK, I know 2007 was (and who noticed?) but let’s do it again, and let’s make it every year.  Let us “superior” humans place dolphins where they belong… And they do not belong in any kind of enclosed space, trapped there for the “amusement” … More Non-human Persons