#COVID19Chronicles-101: July 24, 2020: Should our official attitude towards domestic tourism annoy me? #Staycation Johnny come lately!

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Certain things rile me for their blatant insensitivity for the mass of people at whom they are addressed. That’s why I got riled up when I saw the Ministry of Tourism was launching a ‘Rediscover Jamaica’ programme this week to make residents a ‘priority at this time’. https://twitter.com/jamaicaobserver/status/1285703444775555073?s=21 It…

#COVID19Chronicles-62: June 15, 2020: What they’re doing is criminal

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Many people are critical of economists because of their poor forecasting record. But, forecasting is only a part of what economists do. For the most part, they try to understand what people and organizations are doing and how that affects the production of goods, services, costs and revenues in…

Uncertainty in a world of quick answers: The JCF paints itself into a corner over a murder most foul

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When I do not know the answer to a question, I try to find it. If I cannot find it, then I go away with the frustration that the question remains unanswered–at least, for me. I do not want to speak for others, just myself. I often try to…

#AToZJamaicaChallenge: Z is for Zika (Finally, Inevitably)

Well, this is the final chapter in the wanderings through the alphabet that my colleagues Dennis Jones, Susan Goffe and I embarked on at the beginning of the month. Sadly and ironically perhaps, it must end with a topic that we have become pretty obsessed with in the last few months. Ms. Goffe should have … More #AToZJamaicaChallenge: Z is for Zika (Finally, Inevitably)

#AtoZChallengeJamaica: Y is for Your Time Is Up

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When one considers politicians’ decisions that their ‘race is run’, no clear patterns emerge. Just last week, Britain held a referendum on its EU membership and the PM, who staunchly urged people to ‘remain’, quickly announced his resignation after the people voted to ‘leave’. His opposing leader also urged…

#AtoZChallengeJamaica S is for Social media’s slippery slope slapping silly and senseless some psychophants and psychologically challenged

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We’re often led to believe that adults should show children the way, but in the age of social media it may be that adults need lessons from the children–and mistakes they make. We’ve seen recently what some call the allure of social media on politicians–its magnetism is partly the prospect…