Ja Blog Day 2013: Police and Security Force Abuses

BACKGROUND NOTE: Ja Blog Day 2013 commemorates the third anniversary of the Tivoli Gardens Massacre, when Jamaican security forces invaded the community in west Kingston in search of an alleged drug trafficker and “don” Christopher “Dudus” Coke. A huge gun battle with gangsters defending the area allegedly took place. The police found just a few … More Ja Blog Day 2013: Police and Security Force Abuses

May 15, 2013

My week got off to a great start with a donation to Eve for Life from the Optimist Club of Sunset, Liguanea on Monday morning. We are indeed tremendously grateful for the gifts donated, and it was a huge pleasure to welcome President Lavern Brown, three members of the Walker family and Patrick Prendergast, a … More May 15, 2013


Storms can be wearying; they sap your energy in a particular way. And I fear that this particular storm will not clear the air.

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