Staying Inside

Life under COVID-19 is starting to bite. Online, we share memes and videos all day long (and half the night too – I am turning into an insomniac). We are turning to nervous eating. Comfort food continually pops up on my Twitter timeline, whether it’s hominy porridge or just a series of snacks at odd … More Staying Inside

Coffee News from the Blue Mountains

Last year we had a memorable trip up into the Yallahs-Hope Watershed with the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). As part of the project, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), farmers are trained in Field Schools in sustainable land management. There is also a push towards agro-forestry, which … More Coffee News from the Blue Mountains

Layers Upon Layers

This week’s photo challenge is “Layered.” There are so many layers… some unseen and unknown. Here I have collected a few, in the natural world mostly. Sometimes there are layers in a landscape. Sometimes they are created by people – like the traditional dress Jamaicans wear. I hope you find these photos interesting. The cover … More Layers Upon Layers

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Evanescence of a “Floating World”

“Evanescent” is a haunting word. Even the sound of it suggests something lovely, but fleeting. Here today, gone tomorrow. It reminds me of one concept that I learned about when studying Japanese, and which I always loved: Uki-yo, the “Floating World.” It described the momentary pleasures of life, enjoyed by the growing middle class of the old … More Weekly Photo Challenge: The Evanescence of a “Floating World”