#AToZJamaicaChallenge: Z is for Zika (Finally, Inevitably)

Well, this is the final chapter in the wanderings through the alphabet that my colleagues Dennis Jones, Susan Goffe and I embarked on at the beginning of the month. Sadly and ironically perhaps, it must end with a topic that we have become pretty obsessed with in the last few months. Ms. Goffe should have … More #AToZJamaicaChallenge: Z is for Zika (Finally, Inevitably)

#AtoZChallengeJamaica S is for Social media’s slippery slope slapping silly and senseless some psychophants and psychologically challenged

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We’re often led to believe that adults should show children the way, but in the age of social media it may be that adults need lessons from the children–and mistakes they make. We’ve seen recently what some call the allure of social media on politicians–its magnetism is partly the prospect…

#AtoZChallengeJamaica P is for Potpourri of Problems

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Let me lay out some issues to consider. Prisoners & payments: Vybz Karkel, musician–in Jamaican jail for murder. Buju Banton, musician–in US jail for drugs offence. Vybz is busy releasing new music, and ‘ruling dance hall’. (He’s following in the well-trodden path of the late Tupac Shakur.) Buju just gained a master’s degree in music…

AtoZChallengeJamaica M is for Maroons

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Sadly, I know little about Maroon history and culture, probably like many Jamaicans. I’m familiar with Nanny, one of our?National Heroes. Cudjoe…Accompong…the Abeng. Blowing the Abeng (Image courtesy The Jamaica Gleaner.) I attended?UWI’s?launch last week of the new McIntyre/Nettleford scholarship fund, pushing?new initiatives to make the university more relevant…