Lots of Liquidity

What a beautiful word it is: Liquid. This is the week’s Photo Challenge. On an island, we are surrounded by a liquid of the salty variety, so it is not hard to find. We were known as the “Land of Wood and Water” in the days of the Taino, and we have forests and rivers, … More Lots of Liquidity

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Evanescence of a “Floating World”

“Evanescent” is a haunting word. Even the sound of it suggests something lovely, but fleeting. Here today, gone tomorrow. It reminds me of one concept that I learned about when studying Japanese, and which I always loved: Uki-yo, the “Floating World.” It described the momentary pleasures of life, enjoyed by the growing middle class of the old … More Weekly Photo Challenge: The Evanescence of a “Floating World”