Cuba is calling (and so are its birds)!

Have you ever wanted to explore Cuba and its amazing ?

The largest island in the Caribbean has always held a deep fascination for me – its rich and diverse environment as well as its vibrant culture. Unfortunately, I missed BirdsCaribbean’s International Conference in Topes de Collantes in 2017. Then, there was COVID-19. However, BirdsCaribbean is back on track, and offering two amazing trips to the island in January and March, 2023. There are still a few slots left for these trips, which will include wonderful birding opportunities (you don’t have to be an expert!) There will also be time to explore the island’s culture and history, staying in bed and breakfasts and soaking up the local landscapes, from dreaming swamps to green hills to pristine silver beaches. And of course, there should be time for a quick daiquiri in Havana (cheers!)

Landscape in Viñales, with mogotes (steep limestone mountainsides) in the background. Here you might spot the endemic Cuban Solitaire, Cuban Grassquit, Red-legged Honeycreeper, and more! (Photo: Garry Donaldson)

You can read more about these trips here – nine days in January and twelve days in March. And do read the testimonials – there are many satisfied customers from these tours! For an even better idea of what to expect, take a look at BirdsCaribbean’s short video, and this beautiful one, which takes you on a magical journey through the island’s bird life and the wonderful places where they live.

The gorgeous Cuban Trogon is the island’s National Bird. (Photo: Garry Donaldson)

So, now that I have sold you on this trip – go and sign up! If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact Lisa Sorenson, Executive Director at BirdsCaribbean at (508-333-8587).

Sunset over Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Photo: Garry Donaldson)

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