Brightening things up: some offerings from our Jamaican garden

I thought my blog needed a little “refresher” – there has been too much “heavy stuff” lately. So, here’s a little brightness and colour this Saturday evening.

We have had rain, sun, more rain and more sun for the past few weeks. As a result, our already rather overgrown garden has gone into overdrive. Everything is growing like crazy. Our occasional gardener says he is overwhelmed with work, and can hardly cope. Here is a taste of the joyous explosion of Nature splashing around in our yard, as we slow down towards the end of the year.

It’s a part of my healing process, I think, wandering around the garden with my iPhone.

Life is not gloom and doom. Tomorrow is Sunday, when we enjoy our garden the most.

10 thoughts on “Brightening things up: some offerings from our Jamaican garden

  1. looking lovely.. Hope you two are well. sending love xoxo P.O. Box 330845 Coconut Grove, FL 33233 U S A 305.854.9485 [image: facebook] [image: linkedin] [image: twitter] “We must be the change we wish to see in the world” ― Audre Lorde


  2. Thank you very much Petchary for sharing treasures from your garden. I can identify with the overgrowth being experienced because of frequent rainfall, but it is so much better than when the surroundings have to become dry and brown.

    Continue to enjoy your garden even when gardening help is not readily available. May the pleasant surroundings be part of the therapy towards your complete healing.

    Let me use this opportunity to say thank you for the wealth of information you continue to provide on such a vast range of subjects.

    In addition, please tell this amateur birdwatcher why I am no longer seeing the red headed bird I call “Woody”. Maybe the light posts in which it bores holes are happy but I am not.




    1. Oh! Thank you for your very sweet message. The garden is indeed healing, and everything in it (except perhaps the junk at the back that needs to be cleared out!) I don’t know about your “Woody” – I wonder why he’s not around. Have there been any changes on the environment – any trees cut down? Or perhaps he has found a good tree to bore holes in. He might still be somewhere nearby. We are lucky to still have ours – they are great characters! I hope yours returns soon.


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