Kingston Creative Investing In the Arts

I missed last weekend’s events downtown – including the Water Lane walking tour organised by Kingston Creative, which Professor Carolyn Cooper refers to here. So I thought I would share her impressions, and this overwhelmingly upbeat article celebrating Jamaican “live” culture. The last time I enjoyed the Art Walk was at the end of February, 2020 – yes, just a few weeks before COVID19 arrived on our shores – and it was a joyous occasion, especially as we had a visitor, my Global Voices colleague Suzanne. After that of course hard times arrived on our doorstep.
I love my city of Kingston. As Carolyn says: “Despite persistent urban decay, Kingston still is a vibrant city.” I fully believe “There is magic in Kingston Town.”
Enjoy this celebratory article of our still wonderful Jamaican culture!

Jamaica Woman Tongue

“This is so uplifting!” That’s how an enthusiastic reviewer spontaneously described our tour last Sunday of the huge murals on Water Lane and adjacent streets. Our guide, Christine Neil Wright, was informative, passionate and most entertaining. She completed a 12-month course in tour guiding at the Old Harbour HEART Academy. She’s a dynamic ambassador for the programme. Her brilliant storytelling beautifully complemented the grand narrative of the vibrant murals that document Jamaican popular culture, particularly our music.

That engaging mural tour was put on by Kingston Creative, an innovative non-profit arts organisation co-founded in 2017 by Andrea Dempster-Chung, Allan Daisley and Jennifer Bailey. Tourism consultant Janet Crick manages tours, which include ‘Taste of the City’ and ‘Sounds of the City.’ Then, there’s Artwalk, a free street festival that used to attract hundreds of visitors each month. That’s before COVID mash it up and forced the organisers to wheel an come…

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