Kingston Creative launches the Caribbean Creative Network

There is always this tremendous forward movement from Kingston Creative. Forging ahead! Sustainability, accessibility, and visibility are critical for creative people. Here is the latest piece of the picture. Cheers to IDB Lab, the DBJ and American Friends of Jamaica for their support!


Kingston Creative Launches Database of 370 Caribbean Creatives

Kingston Creative has launched the Caribbean Creative Network (CCN); a public, searchable online database of artists and cultural and creative industry stakeholders.  The new platform is  sponsored by IDB Lab, the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), and the American Friends of Jamaica. 370 creatives, and counting, from 21 countries across the Caribbean are already listed on the network and their portfolios can be viewed at

Jamaican animator and visual artist Tahja Winkle. (Photo: Kingston Creative)

“This new database is crucial to strengthening the digital footprint of Caribbean artists, making our work more visible to potential clients, investors, and colleagues,” said Tahja Winkle, a Jamaican animator and visual artist. ”Visibility unlocks opportunity, and opportunity grants access to income. Our ability to compete with our international colleagues in the digital marketplace has now been strengthened. Knowing where to look for Caribbean artists will also deepen our relationship with those in the Diaspora and within the region who seek representation in their projects from Caribbean creatives. If the Caribbean is serious about sustainable development, empowering our creatives to reach a global audience with our work (without requiring large amounts of startup capital) is essential.”

The intention of the CCN is to create a way for creatives to gain international market access. This ultimately should improve the ability of artists to earn from their creativity, develop their creative businesses and stimulate growth in the creative economy in the region.

“The DBJ, through BIGEE, is delighted to partner with Kingston Creative in facilitating this growth and development of Jamaica’s Creatives,” said Christopher Brown, Project Manager, DBJ’s Boosting Innovation Growth and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (BIGEE). “We are committed to unlocking the entrepreneurship side of our creatives to maximise the value and sustainability of their talent.”

Christopher Brown, Development Bank of Jamaica’s Project Manager, BIGEE. (Photo: Kingston Creative)

“The Caribbean Creative Network allows creatives to sign up, upload pictures of themselves and their work, provide an artist bio, and be contacted directly via email, web, and social media. The process of signing up is quite simple and we hope all creatives across the region will take this opportunity to join the network and start doing business globally,” said Andrea Dempster Chung, Executive Director and Co-founder of Kingston Creative. “Not only does it allow potential customers to find creatives, it also allows employers or companies seeking creative talent to list jobs and opportunities on the platform and get their positions filled easily.”

The CCN therefore can potentially stimulate growth within the cultural and creative industries, ultimately having a positive impact on the economies of the region.

The Caribbean Creative Network can be accessed via

Kingston Creative is investing in “People and Place”; developing strong Jamaican creative entrepreneurs and building a vibrant Art District in Downtown Kingston.

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