Once Upon a Sunset…

I am insane with jealousy over Susan’s new camera – but also blown away by her eye for the beauty of nature. Sunset is one of her favourite times, I know. They remind me of the special mood of the Jamaican folk song “Evening Time”…and she had musical accompaniment, too! Enjoy these wonderful, glowing photos.

Right Steps & Poui Trees

Leave me alone, please! Yes, yes, sunset photos are a dime a dozen. But watching the sun set is one of the things I love to do. Taking photos of the sunset sky is another thing I love to do. And sharing sunset photos is something else that I love to do. So…

Once upon a sunset, a woman noticed the evening light against a cluster of palms….

She grabbed her camera and climbed the stairs to the roof of her house. From that vantage point, she saw the sunset sky…

She smiled…and looked closer…click…

She played with the zoom on her camera and looked at the trees, the hills, the clouds, the light…

From speakers somewhere nearby, oldies but goodies were playing. John Holt was singing: “I love you, darling, and that’s no lie, oh-oh, Stick by me and I’ll stick by you…”

Once upon a sunset, on a…

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7 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sunset…

  1. Hi Petchary, I too am a sunset freak. Our westward-facing house on a hilltop on the edge of downtown L.A. give a 365-day vantage for some spectacular ones. Here are some of my favorite images. Presume you’ve heard the news that Joe Bogdanovich has bought my Reggae Archives with the promise of building a museum to house them in MoBay. He’s the right guy, after decades of trying to find someone like him who will treat them properly and share them with the world. Jamaica needs to know how far-reaching its reggae culture has become.  Stay safe! One Love,Roger


    1. Wow, Roger – it sounds just beautiful! I can’t see the images, though…? Yes, I did hear the news about the proposed museum in MoBay and the purchase of your archives. I am rather biased towards Kingston, the UNESCO City of Music, the home of Bob Marley and countless others. I don’t know anything about Mr. Bogdanovich except that he organises music festivals in MoBay. But I do hope the archives will be fully accessible (and not just to tourists). It’s great to hear from you Roger! Take care…


  2. I love everything you write – thank you for your blogs and their important subject matter. A very common error in JA is to call “Evening Time” a folk song. It is not. It was written way back in the ’50s by Barbara Ferland who worked at the British Council office in Kingston. I think it was written for one of the pantomimes at that time. In a phone call to Barbara’s son in England (Barbara had died), he gave permission for the song to be used freely, and was delighted people enjoyed it so much.


    1. Oh gosh! Thank you for this information. I never knew that, how interesting! I guess I always thought of it as a folk song because I recall the Jamaican Folk Singers (Dr Olive Lewin) singing it and it was always one of my favorites. Such a sweet song. Thank you for your very kind words about my blog! There is always so much to write about…


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