A golden Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday.

It started with warm sunshine, after a light rain shower. As I wandered around the yard, refilling the bird baths, I looked up. Our yellow Poui tree had quietly, overnight, burst into pure gold flowers (for the second time in recent weeks) – perhaps because of the rain, after a fairly long drought. But there she was, in her glory just for one day. Tomorrow, many of the flowers will be gone, transferring their beauty to the ground.

Our Poui tree in the morning.

Later in the day, there was more gold – a quite different kind, perhaps less ethereal and transient (by this evening, yellow flowers were littering the ground)… Four young 17-year-old girls broke the world Under-20 Junior record at the National Stadium in the 4 x 100 meters relay. They celebrated with a curiously complex dance! There were many more wonderful performances (both sporting and dance) at the CARIFTA Games, in which young Caribbean athletes competed.

The girls celebrate at CARIFTA games. I think this new dance is called the “Stir Fry” – but I could be wrong! (Screen grab from the Jamaica Observer/Twitter)

So, on Easter Day, I wondered what all this gold signified – if anything. Perhaps peace – we need that in the world. Love – it’s always around. Hope – well, I stay in the present and don’t think about the future.

Resilience, a friend suggested on Twitter. Yes, that is more like it. For us both at home, resilience is key and the Poui tree is telling us that even when there’s drought, we can blossom.

You can spot the bird in one of the photos above. White-winged Doves particularly love this tree. They can position themselves there to look down and see if the coast is clear for a descent to the bird bath. Doves love to drink. You will also notice some pink amongst the gold. A rose-pink bougainvillea has climbed to the top of our Poui, so when it is not flowering, it is still decorated.

Thank you to the girls. And thank you to the Poui for returning, when we least expected it.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I hope you had a lovely Sunday.

The gold medal-winning, record-breaking girls at the National Stadium this afternoon. In the middle is Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, our Olympic medalist sprinter. She is a lovely role model. You will notice also that there are identical twins in the team! (Photo: Twitter)

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