“Mike and Me”: A Jamaican art exhibition that celebrates a lifelong love

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 19) at 11:00 a.m., a remarkable art exhibit will open in Kingston, Jamaica, staged by Blaqmango Consultants. Consisting of textile art and paintings, it is the celebration of the long relationship between two artists – Mike and Margaret Stanley. Mike, a British-born expressionist painter, passed away just before Christmas 2019. The show is at CreativSpace in Kingston, which is located at 2 Windsor Avenue, off Old Hope Road. 

I interviewed Mike a few years ago for Global Voices (he preferred to call himself a “painter” rather than an artist). I have also reviewed some of their several joint exhibitions in Kingston over the years.

“Mike and Me” is, obviously, a look back across those years by Margaret, who is a Jamaican textile artist and former educator. It will be a warm, emotional semi-retrospective, with some paintings by Mike for sale.

I hope you will take the time to go down and take a look – and meet Margaret and talk to her about her deeply personal work – and Mike’s passion for paint. It will be well worthwhile.

Meanwhile, Margaret will be a special guest on Radio Jamaica’s “Palav” with Gerry McDaniel, on Sunday afternoon (March 20). Tune it at 1:30 p.m.!

For further information, contact Blaqmango at (876) 264-8872 (WhatsApp) and follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @blaqmango Website: blaqmango.wordpress.com

The one and only Mike.

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